sabato 21 settembre 2013

Back to School GIVEAWAY: Wet n Wild

This giveaway is international, so anyone can enter :) On this blog:
'Going in the Wild' ColorIcon Palette (limited edition)
-ColorIcon Eyeshadow Medley #34120 (limited edition)
-ColorIcon Eyeshadow Medley #34121 (limited edition)
-MegaVolume 'Very Black' mascara
-MegaLength 'Very Black' mascara
-MegaEyes Defining Marker 'Blackest Black'
-'Sellout' ColorIcon Shimmer Single Eyeshadow
-'Silent Treatment' ColorIcon Trio
-'To Muse and Carouse' ColorIcon Trio (limited edition)
-'Hard Being the It Girl' ColorIcon Trio (limited edition)
-Fergie 'Ferga-colada' Nail Polish (limited edition)
-'Carrot Gold' MegaLast Lipstick
-'Dollhouse Pink' MegaLast Lipstick
'Mauve Outta Here' MegaLast Lipstick
'Don't Blink Pink' MegaLast Lipstick

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Grazie! Ogni commento per me è importante e cercherò di rispondere a tutti

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