lunedì 11 febbraio 2013

250th Blog followers Giveaway

Nuovo giveaway su questo blog:

Ci sono ben 5 premi! (First Prize is 6 Mollon Pro polishes! They are Mollon Pro Nº 4, Nº 61, Nº 56 and Nº 15. Plus two of the new Mollon Pro Caviar Manicure in Gold (Nº 02) and Black (Nº 04)!- Second Prize is three gorgeous indie polishes by Shimmer Polish!  They are Shimmer Polish Jennifer, Jasmine and Nichole *.*-Third Prize is four polishes by Purple Professional. They are Purple Spa Stronger Nails, Purple Spa Nail Oil, Purple Professional Nº52 and Purple 2 Dry top coat! *.*-Fourth Prize is from MASH Nails! They are MASH Nail Art glitter and 4 beautiful Bling Nail Art Stickers :)-Fifth Prize is 5 Essence polishes chosen by me :p They are Blue Addicted, Space Queen, Make it golden, Icy Princess and Got a Secret :) )
Il giveaway è internazionale e termina il 15/03...buona fortuna!

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